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Warehousing and Logistics Recruitment

CRC Recruitment supports major warehousing and logistics businesses across the area with their recruiting needs. As our Head Office is based in the heart of the country, we are surrounded by major national distribution centres. Our sector experience ensures you will be provided with quality candidates and reliable interim workers. As a result of our pro-active, person-centred approach, we’ve built trusted, long-standing relationships with our clients.

We also specialise in recruiting financial and commercial roles for this sector, including Analytical and Cost Accountancy positions. We understand the importance of time and motion studies to optimise logistics operations, and we regularly source this type of role.

Looking for a logistics or warehousing role?

We recruit a wide range of warehousing and logistics roles, including Warehouse Workers, Supervisors, Managers, Senior Operations, Stock Management, Pickers and Packers, and FLT Drivers. If you are looking for work, we would be interested in talking to you.

High volume of workers? Dedicated On-site Solutions

If you need high volumes of flexible workers to cover demand and seasonal peaks, we offer a bespoke, pro-active and cost-effective on-site solutions recruitment service. We will oversee your workforce, aligning staffing and work volumes. Typically, our services include:

  • Robust attraction and selection process to manage high volume, fluctuating staffing demands.
  • Experienced and motivated management teams, capable of delivering the results you need.
  • Induction training and effective absence management strategies.
  • Weekly management information and reporting.
  • Flexible pricing structure.

Recent Jobs

  • Contract Manager- Logistics (05571)

  • FLT – Counter Balance/Reach (05566)

  • Home Delivery Driver (05514)

“…my principal supplier of Warehouse staff and have this year achieved all targets set them by providing me with quality staff and not just looking to fill slots with whoever walks through their doors. They are fully aware of my requirements and find staff to match demanding criteria, I have not had to turn any referral by them away and feel confident now to allow them to set staff on for me without preliminary interview, something I would not dream of doing with the other 7 Agencies I deal with.”
Bonded Warehouse Manager
FTSE 100 client